Holocaust Remembrance Day: We Remember, We Honor, We Stand

I will never forget the anger I felt that day, as the history I learned about in school became real. 11 million innocent people were killed because SOMEBODY ELSE decided they didn’t deserve to live. Somebody else decided they were inferior. Dirty. Untouchable. Unlovable. A blemish on the face of the human race. So today, we remember. Continue reading

Porn Doesn’t Give A _____ About YOU! Feat. Rav Natan Alexander

We live in a day and age when ANYONE can throw a video up on YouTube and call themselves an expert. I was NOT about to become another “wannabe expert” talking about something I don’t have experience or expertise in… So, I sought out the REAL expert! Continue reading

Depression Is A Beast…But It Doesn’t Get To Win Today

Depression is a beast. It’s a beast I’ve fought many times. A beast I have stood face to face with, even recently. I stared into its cold, black eyes and I felt its warm breath on my face, sending a shiver down my spine. This beast dug its sharp claws into my flesh, ripping it to shreds. I wrapped my arms around myself, doing my best to hold myself together. Just hold on…someone will find me…someone will come. Just don’t let the beast win. Continue reading